Dear Royal Wedding Party Guests,

Having now recovered from Queen Mum’s Cocktails (thanks to Diana White for the idea!), ample portions of Chocolate Biscuit Wedding Cake, a brain-racking Wedding quiz (thanks to „Professor“ Mike Corrigan) and hearty choruses of „God Save the Queen“ and „Jerusalem“ – I would just like to thank all those of you who attended our Kate & William Dinner Party at the Hoyerbergschloßle Restaurant on Friday. You all contributed to making it an unforgettable evening for everyone, including Peter and Harald from the Restaurant who were totally gob-smacked at the turnout, the wonderful attire (particularly the ladies’ hats), the appreciation shown for the delicious food and just the way we Ex-pats go about enjoying ourselves. What’s the point on putting on a „do“ if the guests don’t go along with it. And you certainly all participated with 200% gusto!
The two excellent lady pipers from the First Leiblach Valley Pipes and Drums thanked me (!) for being „allowed“ to perform for such an appreciative audience and in such a friendly and jolly atmosphere.

Once again on behalf of Peter Eckmaier, Harald Marschall and the staff of „Hoyerberg Castle“, and myself and Amanda of course, thanks again for coming along and for demonstrating how to really celebrate in style.