Our Coffee Club meeting this month will be this coming Saturday (16th), from 11am onwards, in Café Großstadt, Paradiesplatz, http://www.grossstadt-lindau.de/ It looks as if the weather won’t be nice enough to sit outside, so tables are booked inside. They have really nice breakfasts on offer and there’s lots of choice for vegetarians and vegans too, so I hope that lots of you will decide to come along and have a chat after (or before) you do your weekend shopping. For all those that are new to the area, the farmers’ market at Marktplatz (by the two big churches) is on from 7am until 1pm every Saturday, and also on Wednesday mornings until the clocks change in October. It’s a lovely place to stock up on all the seasonal produce – the new apples are delicious, even though there are fewer of them this year after the late frosts in April – and the local specialities, such as the cheeses, fish, sausages and hams. The new car park (next to the Inselhalle) is now open so parking should now be a bit easier for those of you coming from out of town.

Our monthly night out, on Friday, 29th September, is going to have a slightly different flavour this time, with a nod to the traditional Oktoberfest season and the wearing of Dirndl and Lederhosen….. We’ve done this a couple of times before, and it proved so popular that we’re going to repeat the experience  So, all of you who don’t yet possess the traditional costume, it’s your wake-up call to buy, rent or borrow the appropriate garments! There’s a good shop between Tettnang and Friedrichshafen, not far from the airport: Trachtenhaus Walchesreute https://www.trachtenhaus-walchesreute.de/ which has outfits to suit all pockets, plus Rent-a-Dirndl http://www.rent-a-dirndl.de/index.htm which is next-door to the big E-Center supermarket in Lindau. I have booked Café Collodium for the evening, from 7pm onwards, and hope that lots of you will make it! There are some very nice craft beers, great wines, excellent coffee as well as tasty food on offer. The only drawback is that Collodium is strictly-speaking only allowed to open until 10pm. They are usually OK for us to stay a little later, until around 10.30pm, but we have to be careful to leave the premises quietly, as they could lose their licence. If anyone wants to go on somewhere else afterwards….the Irish pub, or wherever, then you can decide on the night.