Sorry for not having posted in soooo long. We still need to get quite a few issues sorted out on the website and it has kind of inhibited me from logging in and posting. However, as I finally have a bit of time on my computer, after the crazy rush of the last few weeks, I wanted to let you all know that we have an end of year get-together on Friday, 29th December.
I’ve booked tables at ‘Ginger’s’ café/bar ( on the ground floor of the Vis à Vis hotel and opposite the train station. I’ve booked tables for 2pm and look forward to having a chance to catch-up with you all, in the lull between the holiday days. Nils, the boss and chef at Gingers, cooks really well, with a daily special every lunchtime and a nice selection of cakes. Feel free to drop me a line to let me know if you’re going to attend, so that I can give him an idea of numbers. Email: Thanks!
For those of you who aren’t able to join us, I wish you and your loved ones a lovely end to the year – whatever you’re doing and wherever you are – and a great start to 2024.