We have a double-whammy of meetings during the remainder of this month: first of all, on this coming Friday (21st) at the Aeschach Adventstreff and secondly, for our usual date on the last Friday of the month (28th) at the Lindauer Hafenweihnacht.

For those of you who have not been before, the Aeschach Adventstreff is a small, pre-Advent gathering in the heart of Lindau Aeschach (by the twin roundabouts on the road towards the hospital) which proves very popular with the locals, mainly because of the pig-roast and bagpipe band, as well as the ubiquitous Glühwein. A few of us went last year and I have decided to suggest it as an additional Ex-Pat gathering, because of the bagpipe band, who although from over the border in Lochau (Austria) are probably more Scottish than many Scots! They have been playing at this event for the about the last eight years and are incredibly popular with the crowd. The whole event begins at 4pm, with the band appearing at about 7 – 7.30pm. I would suggest getting there early if you want the pig-roast, as it tends to sell out very fast indeed. There are also the usual Bratwürste, Steaks, and hot apple wine (Glühmost) available, as well as Christmas decorations on sale, and (during the afternoon) a kids’ craft session, making decorations. I am not going to suggest a particular time, or exact meet-up point, except to say that I will be floating around for a couple of hours during the evening. It is not a very big market so I am sure we’ll bump into each other, or you’ll see someone else you know, at some point. For those of you who work, it’s an ideal place to head along to with colleagues after you’ve left the office, in order to start getting into the festive spirit……..and it doesn’t close until 11pm.

Our second meet-up is on Friday, 28th November, at the opening night of the 2014 Lindauer Hafenweihnacht. As the Christmas market closes at 9pm, and I know that some of you will also be coming with your children, we will be meeting at the slightly earlier time of 6pm onwards. Our meeting point, as always, is at the Glühwein-Stand outside Hotel/Cafe Schreier (http://www.hotel-schreier.de/).
Please do not drive to Lindau if you have any alternative means of transport! The car parks are likely to be full and you could get stuck in a lot of traffic. The train station (and bus stops) are literally half a minute’s walk from the entrance to the market, so please use public transport if at all possible. Note to those of you coming from the Friedrichshafen/Kressbronn direction: the car park at Wasserburg station is free-of-charge, so I can recommend leaving your car there and doing the remainder by rail.
I look forward to seeing lots of you, at either, or both, of our meetings, and getting into the festive spirit :-)