Due to the resounding success of our “Fish & Chip” night at the Hoyerberg Schlößle in May, I have decided to repeat it for our get-together on Friday, October 28th. As those of you who came along last time can testify, the food was excellent and the portions were unbelievable for the price. I seem to recall being offered ‘thirds’, not just ‘seconds’! However, if you don’t happen to like fish & chips, then there will be a selection of alternative snacks and meals on offer. Naturally, if you simply want to come along and have a drink, then that’s OK too!

As cod is not normally readily available here in the quantities that the restaurant requires, a special order for the fish is going to have to be made. With this in mind, I need to know how many of you are coming (and planning on eating fish!) by the evening of 20th October, so that I can pass this on to the guys at the Schlößle. PLEASE mail me back asap if you would like to join us. I have also taken the liberty of bringing the time of our get-together forward to 7pm onwards – so that anyone who would like to bring their children along, for a taste of a great British tradition, can do so at a more reasonable time. For those of you who need directions on reaching the Hoyerberg Schlössle, the address is: Hoyerbergstr. 64, Lindau, http://www.hoyerbergschloessle.de which is easy to reach by car or by public transport (the Lindau Stadtbus drives through Lindau-Hoyren every 30 minutes, on the way to Oberreitnau and Unterreitnau).

Just for info, particularly for those who are new to the area, on the following evening, Saturday, 29th October, there is the “Essen & Tschässen” festival in nearby Nonnenhorn. The various bars and restaurants in the village have different jazz bands playing – you can buy an armband in order to go inside, listen and eat – but in addition, the village is decorated by hundreds of carved, pumpkin lanterns (last year there were around 800!) and I highly recommend going there for a stroll as it is starting to get dark, particularly if you have children. It is a real spectacle. I am not suggesting that we go as a group, but if anyone is interested in going along, the following website will give you more info: http://www.nonnenhorn.eu/deutsch/veranstaltungen/essen_tschaessen/essen_und_tschaessen.html and you never know, we may all bump into each other! If you do decide to go, please don’t try and park in Nonnenhorn……it’s easier to park either side (ie. Wasserburg or Kressbronn) and then walk, or get the train, from there.

Moving on, I have had a few requests from members for various things, so please see if you can help, or get involved:

• John Gwynne and Eva Gold are looking for fellow bridge players, who would be interested in some friendly games. If you are interested, please contact them by email: johnbgwynn@hotmail.com

• Serena Stevenson, a New Zealander, who is moving here with her partner in December, is looking for accommodation in the Lindau area. Ideally they would like a 2-bedroom, sunny home, with a garden. If anyone has anything suitable, or even a holiday let that they could rent whilst taking their time to search once they’re here, then please let her know:
serena@serenastevenson.co.nz (or contact me).

• I have been asked by Karen Kaiser for help regarding her dog. She wrote: “I am desperately trying to find a new home for Vino my dog!! I would like to give him a new adoptive family. Single and working full time it’s just not a nice life for him all day alone in the apartment. So if you know of anyone please let me know.” If there’s an animal-lover out there, who would like more information about her lovely Collie, then please get in touch with Karen: karenkaiser@freenet.de

See you on the 28th!