At the end of November, we traditionally meet at the opening night of the Lindauer Hafenweihnacht (, and this year will be no exception. The Christmas market has become somewhat of an institution in our winter programme and our meeting point will be on Friday, 25th November, at 7pm, at Eiscafé Schreier’s Glühweinstand. The reason that I have planned it for 7pm rather than an earlier time, is that I will be working late that day and probably won’t be back home until at least 6pm. However, there’s nothing to stop you all from heading there as early as you like, after all, the market is open from 11am and won’t close until 9pm. Please click on the link above to see some of the beautiful photos of our wonderful Christmas market and to get extra information, and don’t forget to leave your cars at home if at all possible! Lindau is a bit of a catastrophe, traffic-wise, at the moment and will be for at least another couple of years whilst the underpass gets built, the new station gets done and the Inselhalle is finished off! Please use the train, bus, bike or come on foot and save yourself a lot of stress 