Our meeting this month, on Friday, 26th June, is going to be in the heart of the island, at Gasthaus Sünfzen (http://www.suenfzen.de/), at the end of Maximilianstrasse. If we have any luck with the weather, then I hope that we will be able to sit outside, but if not, then we have the side-room booked just for us. Tables are reserved from the slightly earlier time of 7pm. Just ask the waiters/waitresses where the group are seated if you get there and don’t see us straight away. If you need further directions, a look at the menu, etc. then just click on the link above.

Entertainment News

The Cineplexx in Friedrichshafen is showing the following films in OV – Original Version (English) this week:
“Jurassic World 3D” – Tues, 23rd and Weds, 24th June at 8.30pm – the fourth in the Jurassic Park series of sci-fi movies, featuring lots of dinosaurs…..and starring Chris Pratt.
“Spy” (German title: “Spy – Susan Cooper Undercover”) – Weds, 24th at 8.30pm – an American crime-comedy, starring Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy.
“Ted 2” – Weds, 24th at 8pm – an American comedy about a teddy-bear who has come to life, starring Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried.
I know I’ve mentioned this in the last couple of newsletters, but there’s still just about enough time to bag your tickets for the long-awaited Lindau appearance of our very own soul-star, Mr Karl Frierson, and his ‘Soulprint’ band. He’s playing this coming Sunday (21st) at the Zeughaus, Untere Schrannenplatz (between the Diebsturm and Paradiesplatz). Tickets are available from the tourist office, Stadttheater box office, the LindauPark info desk and also via the internet. See http://www.zeughaus-lindau.de/ for more details and also for the link to buy tickets online. There may also be a few tickets available on the night, so for any of you who like to make their decisions at the last minute, there’s still no excuse….. The concert starts at 8pm – not sure when the doors open but if anyone fancies a cheeky beer (or wine) before the show, then maybe we could meet at Cafe Großstadt from about 6.30pm? Let me know if you’ve got a ticket and want to meet beforehand and I can try and co-ordinate it.

Another star-in-the-making who is a somewhat newer addition to the group, is the lovely Philly Ecker from South Africa. She is also a soul-singer, and is currently working hard on her second album. To this end, she is looking to crowd-funding to help her finance the project, and if anyone wants to take a look at her website: http://www.philadelphia-music.de/ and her crowd-funding page: https://www.startnext.com/en/philadelphia you’ll get an idea of what she’s about.

For those of you on Facebook, you may have recently seen the postings from Sharon Schneider, another South African, who lives in Vorarlberg. She organises the South African Annual Spring Braai, which this year took place on June 7th in Liechtenstein. I know I’m a bit late (!) publishing it here in the newsletter, but I didn’t have the information in time for the last email and I just wanted to put it in now, as I know there are a few South Africans in the group who would be interested in joining-in in the future and not everyone is on Facebook. So if you’d like to get in touch with other members of the local South African community, please contact Sharon by email: sharon.schneider@gmail.com .

One of our longest-standing members, Mike Corrigan, is exhibiting some of his paintings with other local artists at Stedi, Nonnenhorn, from 26th June until 5th July. The details are on the attachment to this email. The opening night is actually at the same time as our next ex-pats meeting, but if anyone is interested in going along at any of the other times, please feel free to contact Mike and he can arrange to maybe meet you there and give you a guided-tour.

Other News

If any of you have stuff that you’d like to get rid of, or on the other hand would like to maybe pick up a few items for free (!!), then make a note on your calendars for this coming Saturday (20th) for “Schenktag” in the Stadthalle Wangen. Between 10am and 12 noon you can take along any clean and still-functional items, for example, clothes, household items, toys, tools, plants, unwanted gifts, small items of furniture, etc. etc. to donate. Then, between 1pm and 3pm anyone can turn up and take away anything that takes their fancy, for free, the limit being that you can only take as much as you can physically carry. The whole event is being organised by the Lebenswerk Wangen e.V. and coffee and cakes will also be on sale if you need to recharge your batteries after all that bargain-hunting……

Talking about food, for any of you Brits out there, who sometimes have a yearning for sausage rolls, I can now proudly announce that I have found one outlet in Lindau which makes something pretty much like our much-loved British snack: Penny Markt on Heuriedweg! Go to the bread section and you will see freshly-baked, sometimes even still warm, sausage rolls, masquerading under the name of “Geflügelrolle” and costing the princely sum of 99 cents  They even have spinach rolls if you’re not a meat-eater (and they are gorgeous too). Just don’t go clearing the shelves before I nip in there on my way home at lunchtime or I’ll be a bit cross……

For anyone here who would like to go to an English-speaking hairdresser, I’ve been contacted by one of our members, Tiffany Hecht, to ask me to let you know that she will be starting a new job as a stylist at a salon in Wangen as from July. The salon is called “Bonetti” (www.friseur-bonetti.de), telephone: 07522 21636 and Tiffany will be working on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday all day and Saturday mornings. She’s not yet showing on the website, but you can make an appointment already for July. Prices are shown on the website.

Finally, many Brits here may be concerned about the referendum that the UK is planning to have within the next couple of years, regarding continued membership of the EU. Whatever your opinion may be on Britain’s interest in opting out of the EU, I believe that it is crucial that we have the opportunity to have our say, and be able to vote. Currently, all UK nationals living outside of the UK, but in EU countries, would have no right to vote in the referendum, even though the outcome could dramatically affect our interests, including our rights regarding residency, pensions, benefits, reciprocal health-care, etc.
If you would like to sign a petition to support our right to vote on this issue, please click on the following link:

On a similar theme, there are a couple of our members who have taken, or are in the process of taking, German citizenship. Since 2007 there has been a reciprocal agreement between Germany and the UK which means that you can now have dual-nationality and not have to give up your British passport. I am considering organising an information event, in conjunction with the Landratsamt & Ausländeramt, and would like to know how many of you would be interested in coming along to find out more. Please email me if this is something that you would like to attend, so I can start to get an idea of how/when we can best do this. You can also let me know if you have any other nationality….it doesn’t have to be just for the British!…..and I can find out about that too.

Hope to see you soon! A