Thanks to all those of you who have been coming to our monthly rambles. I must say, it’s been really nice to get out in the fresh air, meet some new members as well as old friends and have time for some proper chats. We’ve also been really lucky with the weather on the days we chose. I will continue planning in the occasional ramble but for the month of March I have decided on two indoor meet-ups instead. Firstly, we have a Coffee Club meeting on Sunday, 13th March at 10am, at café “37 Grad”, Lindau Harbour. Most of you will know this place well, seeing as we’ve had so many of our meetings there in the past, but for anyone who needs more info, please click on this link: . English-speaking family and friends are welcome, as always. Brunch is on offer as well as great coffee.

Our Last-Friday-Of-The-Month get-together is going to be….wait for it….on Friday, 25th March at 7pm. I’ve booked some tables at “Café Großstadt”, Paradiesplatz, ( where I was surprised to hear that there are new owners. It will be interesting to see if it’s changed at all, but it was always a good place to go in the past so fingers crossed. They are proving a little tricky as far as me being able to book with no idea of a fixed number of attendees, so I’ve had to make a provisional booking with the requirement to call the day before to tell them how many are coming. I would therefore be hugely grateful if you could drop me a line and let me know if you intend on being there. It would be great to see as many of you as possible, particularly as we haven’t been able to do this for soooo long, so see if you can make a space in your diaries for this night out.

All the best, Amanda (