I’m pleased to let you know that our next meeting, on Friday, 28th June, from 7pm, will be at “Zur Alten Fähre” in Lochau, Austria, (https://www.facebook.com/ZurAltenFahre), literally a one minute drive over the border from Lindau-Zech. The old ferry is in dry dock, at the yacht harbour in Lochau, and is very easy to reach, whether by car, train or bike. If driving from Lindau, after the border (the bridge over the Leiblach river), you follow the road for 800m to the first roundabout. The car park is on the right hand side, right next to Lochau train station. Then just walk through the underpass (under the railway line) and you’ll see the ferry in front of you. Direct trains from Lindau leave at 18:27 (arriving a little early, at 18:33), and 19:27 (arriving at 19:33). Return trains are at 21:50, 22:30 and 23:20.

The ferry has recently changed hands, and is now run by Birgit Jussel, who also has Cafe Großstadt in Lindau. I tested it out the other afternoon, and she has really done it up well – the cafe/restaurant is now on the lower main deck, with two-thirds inside and a third of the floor space outside, at the bow (or “front”) of the boat. The coffee is excellent, and one thing that may also appeal to many of you ex-pats is that she also has Strongbow cider on offer!! Meals and snacks are available for those who are hungry.

I look forward to seeing you!