(Apologies for the lack of update in June or early July. We have been trying to get the website updated during this time and therefore it wasn’t possible).

With holiday time upon us, I thought the Expats Club should also have a change of scene and go ‘on tour’, meeting away from the island, at least until September. We’ll be having our get-togethers in other towns (and villages) and I’m hoping that lots of you will be able to join us, particularly if we are coming to somewhere near you! We are starting at the end of this month, with our debut meeting in Dornbirn. Our members Daniel and Martha very kindly booked Café Steinhauser (www.cafe-steinhauser.at) in the Marktplatz, for us, and we’ll be there from 7pm on Friday, 29th July. It’s easy to get there with public transport as the train station in Dornbirn is only a short walk away from the market place, and trains leave Lindau (both the island and Reutin stations) roughly every half an hour. The café is directly opposite the big church and the Rotes Haus, so easy to find. There are also some lovely shops in Dornbirn so if you get there a bit earlier, you should be able to fit in a bit of retail therapy too. For anyone wanting to drive, the underground car park, under the whole of the market place, is a sensible option. According to the website, evening meals are served between 5pm and 7pm, with only toasted sandwiches, cakes and snacks served after that, so either get there early if you want a proper meal, or have a small snack with your drink if you get there later on.

Many of you with small children have contacted me over the last months, or mentioned it during a meeting, asking if we can have a playground meet-up. As I am no longer a parent to young children, I’ve been wanting to leave it up to you to organise yourselves, but it appears that no-one wants to get the ball rolling! Therefore, I suggest that we have a playground meet-up on Thursday, 4th August at 3pm, at the big playground on the island, at the Kleiner See (near the Milchpilz). I will be there (without kids but with a flask of tea and some snacks!) and hope that some of you parents (or even grandparents with grandkids) will join me. If it rains, then assume that it’s cancelled, otherwise I look forward to seeing lots of you there! Refreshments and toilets are nearby. Also, all those without children are more than welcome! Please come along for a chat (and a dig in the sand, if that’s what you fancy!).

Finally, I just want to tip you off that our next day-time meeting will be on the Bank Holiday Monday in August (15th, which is Maria Himmelfahrt, or ‘Mary’s Ascension into Heaven’). More details to come in the August newsletter but please pencil it in on your calendars!

If you’re not on our mailing list and would like to receive our monthly newsletter (with far more info than I post on here) then please drop me a line to lindauexpats@gmail.com and I will add you. Thanks!