Our next meeting will be one week earlier than normal, on Friday, 23rd January (instead of the usual ‘last-Friday-in-the-month’). This is because I will not be in Lindau then and have taken the liberty of bringing it forward. It should be a good evening, as in January it has become a tradition that we hold our annual quiz night and this year is no different, with our quizmaster, Mike Corrigan, once again preparing to tease our brains with his fiendishly-tricky questions! For those of you who have not yet attended one of our quiz nights, you are able to take part either solo, or together with one other person. We will collect a modest entrance fee of a few Euros for each person doing the quiz, and this money will then be split into winner’s and runner-up prizes, and lastly an amount going towards the club’s website and internet-hosting costs. The venue is “Cafe Collodium”, (http://collodium.verwirklicht.com/page/willkommen.html), in the Vordere Metzgergasse, which is a little alley off Maximilianstrasse (where the furniture shop “Böhm” is on the corner) and only a couple of minutes walk from the train station and bus stops. I have reserved the whole of the cafe for us as a private event (I tried this last year, and it was only partially successful, but the owner has assured me that we will have it to ourselves this time!) from 7pm onwards. This should give everyone time to get there, order something to eat and drink, and then we will probably begin the quiz at around 8pm. If you can bring some Euros in coins (for the entrance fee) that would be great, and also a pen or pencil. I will have a few with me, but it’s always nice if everyone is prepared. The cafe is technically only allowed to stay open until 10pm, but from experience, we can generally sit there for a bit longer, especially if we don’t get too rowdy! If, after closing time, any of you want to carry on the party elsewhere, then please feel free……there are lots of other bars nearby which are open longer.