Our next meeting is on Friday, 27th January, at 7pm, and we have the ‘Königinnensaal’ of the café/bar “37°” (http://www.37grad.eu/) booked just for us, at the very end of Lindau harbour, around the corner from the train station entrance. We will be having our annual quiz night, with our quizmaster, Mike Corrigan, who has once again put together some fiendishly-tricky questions! For those of you who have not yet attended one of our quiz nights, you are able to take part either solo, or together with one other person. We will collect a modest entrance fee of a few Euros for each person doing the quiz, and this money will then be split into winner’s and runner-up prizes, and lastly an amount going towards the club’s website and internet-hosting costs. Please turn up as punctually as possible as this should give everyone time to get there, order something to eat and drink, and then we will probably begin the quiz at around 8pm. If you can bring some Euros in coins (for the entrance fee) that would be great, and also a pen or pencil. I will have a few with me, but it’s always nice if everyone is prepared.

I look forward to seeing lots of you there!