Hello everyone!

Thanks to all the members, old and new, who turned up to our last meeting at BarBarista. It was lovely to see you all and I must say that it was nice to have a little bit more room to move this time. At our meeting there in February, there was such a turn-out that we ended up overflowing into the corridor!

It may not surprise some of you, but the club is continuing to grow at quite a rate. It’s not unusual for me to have an extra 3 – 10 enquiries a month, especially from engineers (and often their families) who are moving to the area because of work. Unfortunately, because of my own family and work commitments, as well as my other hobbies, I am unable to offer them much more than the membership to the club, the opportunity to come along to our meetings and to communicate with other members via a post on our Facebook page or the newsletter. However, knowing how much I appreciated personal contact and more regular meet-ups when I was young, and childless, at the start of my time here in Lindau, I was wondering if anyone in the group would be interested in organising a get-together (or more?) between our monthly meetings, specifically aimed at those who are new to the area. Is there anyone out there who would like to consider this? Even if it was only on a sporadic basis? It needn’t mean a pub or cafe get-together…it could be a hike up the Pfänder, a bike-ride, trip to the cinema, or a game of billiards, etc. I know that amongst our members there are enthusiasts of a myriad of hobbies and interests, and it would be lovely if we could start to get sub-groups set up, which cater for some of those interests. I have also been toying with the idea of having national sub-groups, as we have, for example, a rapidly increasing number of members from the Asian sub-continent, and North America. Some of you may well know others from your region, but I know that there are a lot who are new here in Lindau, or know no-one from their country, and it would be wonderful if, for example, one of our Indian members would like to organise Indian-specific meet-ups, or one of our American/Canadian members did the same. Please let me know if you feel you would like to get involved. I am happy to publish all events on our FB page, website and of course in the newsletter.

With regards to meet-ups, our next night-out falls on Halloween this year……Friday, 31st October. This month I have booked the whole of the “Bockstube”, on the ground floor of Hotel Engel ( www.engel-lindau.de ), Schafgasse 4, from 7.30pm onwards, and with us having the place to ourselves, please feel free to dress up in spooky costumes, as you won’t be frightening any other customers ;-) Even if you don’t want to go the whole hog and turn up as a full-on replica of Dracula, witch or a bandaged mummy, it would be great if everyone made the effort to have at least one reference to Halloween on or about their person…..I will leave the rest to your imagination! See the link to their website for more info, directions and a sample from their menu. The Bockstube is fairly small, compared to some of the other venues that we frequent (there are approx 20 seats) but there is space to stand at the bar, and also easy access to the tables outside (complete with candles and blankets) which may prove attractive to those who want to smoke.

Best wishes, Amanda

Email: lindauexpats@gmail.com
Facebook page: Lindau Ex-Pats Club