I hope that this finds you all happy, well and enjoying the holidays, even if we’re not enjoying the optimal summer weather right now. To be honest it feels downright autumnal at the moment and I’ve had to dig out a pullover from the cupboard already  Hopefully things will take a turn for the better soon, in time for our Coffee Club meeting in a few days time. Natalie has made a couple of little changes this month, to give us a mini-break ‘abroad’, with the meeting going over the border into Austria and moving from its usual Saturday morning fixture to Sunday morning instead. Tables are booked from 11am on Sunday, 13th August, at the “Alte Fähre” (www.alte-faehre.at/) in Lochau which is a really easy location to reach. You can either drive and park your car in the car park near Lochau station and walk through the underpass; get the train to Lochau station from either Lindau or Bregenz, or cycle/walk/roller-blade there using the lakeside path. You can’t miss the Alte Fähre, as it’s literally an old ferry which has been put into dry dock and converted into a cafe/restaurant. There’s a playground right next to it, plus a beach, so the kids will be able to tire themselves out too, which is always a bonus…..

At the end of the month, on Friday, 25th August, we will have our regular night out, and as it may be the last chance this year to sit outside during the evening, I have booked tables at Lindau harbour. We will be at Eis-Café Schreier from 7pm, with tables booked indoors (as reserving tables outside is not possible) but if spaces are available and the weather is clement then we should just grab whatever tables we can in the fresh air, and make the most of the last of the warm evenings.

Hope to see you soon! Amanda