I hope that you are all enjoying the summer, whether you have been away or are spending the holidays here at home.

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, I had already booked the venue for our August meeting some weeks ago. Due to popular demand, we are heading back to where we were in June: “Zur Alten Fähre” in Lochau, Austria (https://www.facebook.com/ZurAltenFahre). Our get-together is on Friday, 30th August, from 7pm onwards (the earlier start time during the summer months for those of you wanting to bring along your children). The old ferry is literally a one minute drive over the border from Lindau-Zech. It’s in dry dock, at the yacht harbour in Lochau, and is very easy to reach, whether by car, train or bike. If driving from Lindau, after the border (the bridge over the Leiblach river), you follow the road for 800m to the first roundabout. The car park is on the right hand side, right next to Lochau train station. Then just walk through the underpass (under the railway line) and you’ll see the ferry in front of you. By train, you’ll find direct trains from Lindau leave at 18:27 (arriving a little early, at 18:33), and an hour later at 19:27 (arriving at 19:33). Return trains are at 21:50, 22:30 and 23:20. There are trains from Bregenz at 18:49 (Bregenz Hafen 18:51) arriving at 18:54 and also at 19:15 (Hafen 19:17) arriving at 19:20. There is a large playground right next to the ferry for any kids who want to have a run-around. Naturally, food is also on offer for those of you who come along with hunger pangs. This will probably be the last of our get-togethers for this year where we can sit outside, so let’s hope that we get a nice warm evening!

In the July newsletter I also told you about a wine-tasting tour in Nonnenhorn that I am planning for Saturday, 21st September. It will be led by a fellow ex-pat, Sarah Fischer from Nottinghamshire, and she will describe wine-making here on Lake Constance, as well as introducing us to a variety of local wines. After a glass of the local Prosecco “See Secco”, we then have a tasting with five different wines, plus canapés, with bread and water to cleanse the palate. The cost will be 19€ per person and the duration will be approximately 2½ hours. Hopefully the weather should still be nice and warm, but even if it isn’t, we will be able to go into one of the wineries and take shelter in there! This event will be in addition to our regular get-together on Friday, 27th September, but I’m sure that it’s something that many of you would enjoy, and I hope that enough people will be interested to make it viable. I now need to know by Friday, 23rd August if you are interested in coming along. Please let me know by email if you intend to come. Thank you!

Job Opportunities
I have been contacted by a teacher from a local language school here in Lindau, who is looking for two additional freelance teachers (English/German) to take on corporate work. Details as follows: pay is 25€ / 45 Min (always 2 sessions of 45 min in one ‘go’) and the classes only take place in Lindau, Wasserburg, Kressbronn, Nonnenhorn, Weißensberg, etc. (ie. not far from Lindau). The courses are usually early in the morning (7am onwards) or in the evening (4pm onwards). If you are interested, please contact Thais Ruf, either on her mobile: 0171 933 9988 or by email: thaisruf@hotmail.com
I have also been approached by the Freie Schule here in Lindau, who would like native English speakers to get involved with a project, helping their students learn better English. If anyone is interested and has ideas about how to make English more interesting and ‘alive’ then please contact Frau Starz, the headmistress, on 08382 2776940 or by email: office@freieschulelindau.de

As those of you on Facebook may well have already seen, member Marina Föhr has posted to ask if anyone in the group can help her friend, Lisa, find work in the Boston (USA) area: “Hi everyone. My friend, Lisa Buckmiller, is a certified German teacher in Boston who is looking for new students to teach. If you know anyone in the greater area of Boston who is interested in learning German or wants to improve their German skills, please recommend her! You are always welcome to write her a message (via Facebook) if you need further information.” (Or please contact Lisa via Marina’s mum, Carin Föhr, by email: carin.foehr@gmx.de)
Thanks, Marina
Entertainment news:

The Metrokino in Bregenz is showing mainly French films during the autumn season, but the following films will be shown in the original English versions over the next couple of months:

“Papadopoulos & Sons” – Thurs, 5th September at 8pm and Sat, 7th September at 10pm – a feel-good comedy.
“The Place Beyond the Pines” – Weds, 2nd October and Thurs, 3rd October, both at 8pm – a crime drama starring Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.
“Weekend” – Thurs, 10th October, 8pm and Sat, 12th October at 10pm – a romantic drama.
More info at www.filmforum.at


Well, that’s about all from me for now. I look forward to seeing you at “Zur Alten Fähre” on the 30th!

Best wishes