Our next get-together will be this coming Friday (20th April) from 7pm onwards at Café Großstadt, Paradiesplatz, Lindau (http://www.grossstadt-lindau.de/). If you have a look at their website you’ll be able to bring up the menu, which should tempt you to come along with an empty stomach! Großstadt have updated their food selection and even though it was good before, it seems to have got even better. Wraps, bagel burgers, salads, baked sweet potatoes, pasta, as well as a good dessert choice and the best variety of any restaurant in Lindau for vegetarians and vegans. I hope that lots of you can come along. Don’t forget that although the new Inselhalle car park is now open, it’s still a bit of a nightmare driving to Lindau (the new underpass is due to open in May, which should improve things a lot) so if you can use the option to come by public transport, bike or on foot, it would be a lot more relaxing. One more thing, the annual psychotherapist convention is taking place for the next two weeks (it starts today) and so the town will be filled to the brim with lots of extra visitors. I was really lucky to be able to book a venue on the island for our meeting at all and having an idea of numbers would be really helpful. Therefore, if you think you are coming, please can you drop me a quick line or click ‘going’ on the event on our Facebook page once I’ve posted? Thanks very much!! Hope to see you soon. Amanda (lindauexpats@gmail.com)