Useful links

I’d like to tip you off about a few places/websites that I think will be of interest to you:

A new shop in Ravensburg, which specialises in selling products from the British Isles, including your favourite foodstuffs, beer, etc as well as gifts and decorative items:
Little Britain Bodensee, Charlottenstraße 12, 88212 Ravensburg
phone: 0751/35509440 mail: Facebook page: little britain bodensee  which is a round-up of Germany’s news in English.  for UK TV listings.  also for TV listings and live-viewing, but including broadcasters from around the world, not just the UK.  which is brilliant for news and also enables you to listen to all the various radio shows, both live and retroactively. There are also links to the CBBC and CBeebies children’s pages which are entertaining and educational for the kids. and also (run by the brother of our member, Calum) which are great places to order the foodstuffs and supplies that you miss from home. Plus for our members from across the Pond – the shop is in Bamberg but they also send orders by post.

A couple of good links that might help with your German tax return: especially useful if you’re fairly new here and/or if your German is not quite up to deciphering the paperwork: – for lots of information and downloads in English from the Bundeszentralamt für Steuern, and – for an English-speaking tax advisor, based in Munich.

For contact with other ex-pats in Germany, with various forums, have a look at

Finally, there’s an interesting website: which is run by a local translator, Stephan Friess. He collates details of the any get-togethers of various native-speaker groups in the Bodensee area, plus details of upcoming films in the original language, plays in various languages, etc.

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