English-speaking services


Tiffany Hecht is an American stylist and beautician working in Wangen at Nicol’s City Friseur, Marktplatz 8, Wangen, telephone: 07522 912788.

Counselling/Psychotherapy (in English and German)

Dr. Deidre Thiessen MA.MB.BCh.BAO (certified medical doctor in the UK and Germany)
Dennenmoos 14, 88131 Lindau-Schachen    Phone: 08382 947 0920                                                          Mail: d.thiessen@psychol-hilfe.de   Website: www.psychol-hilfe.de
Phone or email to make an appointment. Fee for first visit: 50€

Beauty Therapy/Cosmetic Treatments

Christine Döbler offers treatments in English and German                                                                       Rathausstr. 12a, 88131 Lindau-Bodolz   Phone: 08382 604 4061                                                          Website: http://www.quelle-der-schoenheit.net/

Úna Sauter also offers treatments in both languages,  at the ‘Tanja Schelkle’ salon in Bodnegg:           Dorfstr. 12, 88285 Bodnegg   Phone: 07520 914271    Email: u.b.sauter@gmail.com

Landscape gardening and design

Bennet Le Riche (HND Hortic)
Feuchtmayerstr. 6
88682 Salem
Email: bennetleriche@googlemail.com Tel: 07553 916 7088 Mobile: 0163 716 7088

Upholstery/Soft Furnishings
Kim Burns
Heimenhofenstraße 2
87545 Burgberg
Tel: 08321 676 3280 or 0157 8917 1646

Marcus Grübel
Robert-Bosch-Straße 1
88131 Lindau
Tel: 08382 79303

Coaching/Mediation/Arbitration/Marriage Counselling (English/German)
Mag. Anita Lingg-Wohlgenannt
Marktstraße 36
A-6850 Dornbirn
Tel:  +43 650 4301777  Email: mediation@lingg-wohlgenannt.at  Website: www.lingg-wohlgenannt.at

Stefan and Maha Justi (both retired Silicon Valley California, Engineers)
Email: mahajusti@gmail.com Tel.: 08382/260 5748
PC hardware and software volunteer instructors. We have a good track record challenging unfair contract practices from leading internet providers and can provide you with some guidance. Stefan is an experienced Sailor with  a Bodensee License but no boat- would be happy to go with someone who needs help or just would like a sailing buddy. Maha is a certified volunteer for USA tax preparation and Medicare counselling – can help with your US tax and/or Medicare questions (and yes, all US citizens must file a tax return regardless of where they live). Maha loves to cook and can help you with smallish party preparation/catering.

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